I'm Only 14 But I'll Make You Happy! 4.44

I'm Only 14 But I'll Make You Happy!

Vol.1 Chapter 10

2.3M Sep 30,2023 - 14:53 PM 310

Hikari got dumped by her boyfriend, only to be suddenly confessed to by a middle schooler!
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Katana 4.8


Vol.17 Chapter 64: Intervention Part 1

2.2M Sep 30,2023 - 14:51 PM Kamata Kimiko

A unique owner with an unusual talent, a boy is able to see the Katana's true form! Behold the strange tales of a sword sharpening meister!
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Dekiai Osananajimi Ha Watashi No Otto De Stalker!? 4.19

Dekiai Osananajimi Ha Watashi No Otto De Stalker!?

Chapter 12: End

2.9M Sep 30,2022 - 23:39 PM Azuki

Rainbow D:Aoi married her childhood friend, Ren, who she’s loved since she was younger. However, Ren has never once touched Aoi. She has tried to seduce him in the past to no avail. One day, she goes into his locked room and what she finds changes the course of their relationship forever…
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The Flowery Path Of Evil 4.67

The Flowery Path Of Evil

Chapter 6

162.8K Sep 29,2023 - 12:16 PM Mafuyubi, Yamashiro Umeta

Celestine, the villainess, suddenly recalls her memories of her past life when she's at the altar, about to be married off to a Prime Minister twice her age and surrounded by the most awful rumours as a punishment for her misdeeds against the Prince and his lover. She realizes that this is the world of an otome game she played in that previous life, but more importantly than that, she also inherits past life's very specific tastes...
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Gunjou Ni Siren 4.62

Gunjou Ni Siren

Vol.3 Chapter 12

278.5K Sep 29,2019 - 21:00 PM Momokuri Mikan

Two guys: cousins, both left-handed, both passionate about becoming their school team's best pitcher. One of them has already lost the spot once, back in elementary school; and his cousin moved away not long after, seemingly clueless to the fact that he was leaving the guy who introduced him to baseball dispirited and defeated. But now Yoshizawa Sora is back, still smiling innocently while encouraging Yoshizawa Shuuji to get back into the game. Shuuji accepts, determined to defeat the guy who, in his eyes, took away the only thing that mattered to him.
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Insufficient Direction 5.0

Insufficient Direction

4.3K Sep 28,2023 - 11:30 AM Anno Moyoco, Anno Hideaki

(from ebookjapan):A hilarious and unique work that candidly describes the daily lives of popular mangaka Moyoco Anno and her husband Hideaki Anno! Who would have thought that the big couple of the anime and manga worlds would be living such a funny and adorable otaku life! This is a shocking work that not only otaku-kun living all over the world but also otaku-wives (wives of otaku husbands) will surely relate to!(
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Situationship 4.0


Chapter 6

80.3K Sep 27,2023 - 11:14 AM Yeo Eun

"Yoonjae," who's in their first year of being a solo and doesn't like dating, but still wants physical affection, encounters the arrival of "Minseok" at their company, who seems popular to everyone. Minseok suggests going out for drinks separately with Yoonjae, but there are no texts asking if Yoonjae got home safely. Minseok's attitude is ambiguous, mixing pleasant words with drawing boundaries. They share meals, watch movies, and have physical contact, yet they're not officially dating. What kind of relationship are we in? Something other than dating for us in our 30s
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Neko No Te Demo Yoroshikereba 4.78

Neko No Te Demo Yoroshikereba

Chapter 7 [End]

397.8K Sep 27,2020 - 22:16 PM Ichika Hana, Utako Yumori

When a girl was taken to another world, for some reason she transformed into a half-cat beastman! Through a chance encounter, Cha found a new purpose in her isekai life - fighting youmas alongside her new comrades.
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Shuuden Na Kankei 4.59

Shuuden Na Kankei

Chapter 6: Don't Mind Me, Do As You Please [End]

124.1K Sep 27,2020 - 19:17 PM Oota Yoshio

Hibari is a young professional who works long hours and inevitably rides the last train home. It's not all bad. She also runs into the train station worker, Yokose. Yokose is kind and polite and is always looking out for Hibari as she often sleeps defenselessly (and with a bit of drool) on her way home. Their brief encounters are a bright spot in her hectic days.
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When Sato-Kun Died.. 4.58

When Sato-Kun Died..


62.3K Sep 26,2023 - 22:00 PM Yamagata Aona(山形あおな)

He is silent, expressionless and he keeps to himself, but then he shared a smile with me. That boy is… a walking corpse! Sato-kun, who met an early demise in a traffic accident, came back to school as a Zombie. That popular guy who would light up the room, is now cold and lifeless and barely manages to trace the habits of his old life. However, Hozumi from the same class, seems to be the only exception. Zombie Sato, stares at her from nearby and why is he following her? What ever will she do? Is he still the old Sato-kun or is he… . Experience this mysterious and youthful romance between a reticent Zombie and a Shy Girl!
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-50Kg Cinderella 4.63

-50Kg Cinderella

Chapter 11.5

1.4M Sep 26,2023 - 21:13 PM Mochizuki Iku, Kouzuki Rito

Hime Saeki, a girl who is a little on the heavy side, is a college student looking for a job. At a company briefing, she gets injured and finds herself saved by an employee from the information desk, Osamu. As Osamu was almost like a prince, Hime fell in love at first sight."I want to see him again..."To make this happen, Hime decides that things must change. She goes on a strict diet and successfully loses 50kg! She gets employed at the same company, but even after a year, Osamu is nowhere to be seen.Suddenly, one day, the most handsome man in the company, rumored to be the son of the CEO, transfers to Hime's department... and it's Osamu! However, her happiness at their reunion is short-lived when Osamu tells her that he has a woman he's interested in...But for some reason, Osamu keeps hugging her, whispering sweet words to her, and treating her differently. Will Hime remain at the mercy of his unexpected doting...?
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Our Secret Alliance 4.87

Our Secret Alliance

Chapter 75

3.1M Sep 26,2023 - 20:40 PM Kenyam

From childhood friends to lovers! Se-i Yun and Jaeha Kim are model high school students who form an alliance to escape the prying eyes of their strict parents. They used to be childhood friends until something caused them to drift apart. Will this fake alliance be able to bring them back together?Counterfeit PartnershipFake Alliance
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Kanojo Wa Kyou Mo Katazukanai 4.62

Kanojo Wa Kyou Mo Katazukanai

Vol.1 Chapter 5: Room 5

128.3K Sep 26,2023 - 01:48 AM Kanou Rie

She has a rewarding job and a boyfriend she's been dating for half a year. Tawara Aina, who's admired as an ideal woman has a problem... She can't seem to keep her place clean. (Summary by Knox Scans)
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Dealing With The Prince Of Misfortune 4.6

Dealing With The Prince Of Misfortune

Chapter 26: Fetching Someone? A Woman?

2.1M Sep 26,2022 - 15:59 PM Youshi Culture

A 21st century, talented Feng Shui expert, reincarnates into a frail body in ancient times. The original good-for-nothing host is not only ugly, but her birth father favors the concubine more than the wife, birth mother was framed with adultery and stripped of her rank, twin brother was poisoned by her second mother, her fiance and concubine-sister hooked up and worked together to bring about her tragic death. After Xiao Lingyun is reincarnated, she uses secret techniques of Feng Shui to get back at those who had previously ridiculed and abused her. From the lowest of low to the highest peak of cultivation, she flies towards the immortal realm.
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Tokyo Girls Bravo 4.0

Tokyo Girls Bravo

Vol.2 Chapter 25

68.9K Sep 26,2022 - 07:56 AM Okazaki Kyoko

The story takes place in the 80's. Kaneda Sakae, a high school girl living in Sapporo, suddenly moves to Tokyo with her mother...
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Diary Of My Daily Failures 3.0

Diary Of My Daily Failures

6.3K Sep 25,2023 - 12:05 PM Kobayashi Eriko

In the depthbleak of despair, Eriko struggled as she tried adapting to mental health institution environment. Eriko Kobayashi’s superb ability to deliver dark but comedic self-narrative would not only let readers ponder about the importance of mental health but might also reveal the hidden anxiety inside our mind we never know we had...
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