Despite Coming From The Abyss, I Will Save Humanity 4.31

Despite Coming From The Abyss, I Will Save Humanity

Chapter 129

5.1M Sep 30,2023 - 19:13 PM Melon Bread Comics, 一簇西语, 漫诗居士

The Abyssals represent pure destruction. They have unparalleled power and follow their instinct to remove all life from the world. However, one day, a traitor appeared among them. Silvija, a clueless girl, woke up on the battlefield and learned that she is the "Twilight Abyssal" that the humans hate. After escaping numerous pursuits, Silvija was adopted by the Ilia family and gradually formed her conviction.*She will save mankind using the body of an Abyssal. She will protect the kindness and warmth she received.*However, it seems the Will of the Abyssals does not intend to succumb to her..."Miss Silvija, it's time to display your power.""Eh~ but I hafen't finifed my defferts yet..." Still a Chad as ever.PS: The protagonist is single. Feel free to tease her~
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Marry One Get One Free 4.25

Marry One Get One Free

Chapter 276

2.4M Sep 30,2023 - 13:09 PM China Literature

"Is it you who slept with me and run away six years ago?!" Gan Yuan never expected she would ever meet this man again. Now her one-night stand has become a real trouble. This bossy president becomes her VIP client and she has to serve him as he wants! It seems that Gan Yuan could do nothing but to obey him."And your child looks just like me.""Can you leave me alone, president!""No, I want one more child with you."
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My Naughty Wife 3.53

My Naughty Wife

Chapter 102

569K Sep 30,2020 - 22:14 PM Ks, Sihai

A misguided affair began with A Truth or Dare? A intimate night? He licked his bleeding lips with dangerous looks. He blushed and buried his head in her neck with cutesy. Who says it’s better to settle a quarrel than to make one?
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Wangpai Xiao Cao Meinan Tuan 3.75

Wangpai Xiao Cao Meinan Tuan

Chapter 13

129K Sep 30,2020 - 21:37 PM Iciyuan动漫&, Doro

Wangpai Xiao Cao Meinan Tuan summary is updating. Come visit sometime to read the latest chapter of Wangpai Xiao Cao Meinan Tuan. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.
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Let’S Fall In Love 3.04

Let’S Fall In Love

Chapter 33

241.6K Sep 30,2020 - 21:30 PM Tang Bu Xing

He used to be the brightest superstar until a rumor was spread that he was a homosexual. Luckily, he got an opportunity to start his singing career again…as a young girl!
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President’S Shy Kiss 3.98

President’S Shy Kiss

Chapter 148

845.5K Sep 30,2020 - 17:42 PM 开源动漫

After drunk, she was favored by the heir of a rich family. With every step he took, she took a step back… A sudden car accident led to a huge conspiracy behind… Six years later, she took a pair of lovely baby, trying to find out everything, but met him again.
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Immortal Maniac 3.51

Immortal Maniac

Chapter 128

4.5M Sep 29,2023 - 11:58 AM Youyu Mutual Entertainment, 波奇

Ye Kong, a total hooligan, got chosen by a mysterious power which tore the time portal and sent him to an ancient continent where everyone pursued immortal through cultivation. Having become a unfavored child of Ye Family, Ye Kong knew his path of cultivation would be extraordinarily difficult, but he he did find the ones he wanted to protect no matter whatmangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of your anime-related memes, recommendations, reviews, manga recommendations, character fanfiction, favorite quotations, and simply those ordinary anime things that you enjoy, particularly memes.You can , online for free at mangabuddy. Chapters are updated hourly with high-quality graphics and a full English translation. Find free translations of your favorite , and . The latest updated content on mangabuddy is now available.
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Prince Cultivation Project 3.7

Prince Cultivation Project

Chapter 119

1.4M Sep 29,2023 - 09:57 AM Snap, 酒久

Hill travelled into a game she was playing and was bound with the character of the fourth daughter of the Duke, Hill Augustine! Her ultimate mission was to help Shawnee Augustine, the third son of the Duke, as well as the unknown prince of the Atlantis Empire, to ascend the throne. Shawnee's only 14 years old now, silent and resilient. And he's prone to bullies because of illegitimate birth. How should Hill cultivate this little prince?
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Snowman - Frozen Heart 4.55

Snowman - Frozen Heart

Chapter 64

1M Sep 29,2020 - 00:03 AM Xiao Qi

A naked hunk appeared, out of nowhere, in my house... and he can control ice?! Thus, the money-minded female master now uses him as a moneymaking machine. They slowly fall in love with each other after meeting, however, the 'Snow Man' has a condition that makes him unable to love. How will they overcome this problem and will they find true love?
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Bai Jiu Nan Chan 4.44

Bai Jiu Nan Chan

Chapter 8

220K Sep 28,2020 - 17:46 PM Qing Yu

In the future world, technology runs the universe. An intelligent robot committed many mistakes as he did not fully trust human beings. As his punishment, he lost his job and was sent back into the ancient times. However, the device had accidentally brought him back to Ancient China, where he met a cold yet beautiful snake demon. A series of stories unfold as the two were brought together by fate...
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Rebirth Meeting: For You And My Exclusive Lovers 4.52

Rebirth Meeting: For You And My Exclusive Lovers

Chapter 290

6.4M Sep 27,2023 - 02:40 AM Ake Culture, 阿柯文化

Rebirth and return to the age of seventeen, Yun Wants to swear not to be bullied again. She beats a scumbag to a high-profile marriage, but is forced to accept a man with leg problems. Yun Was laughed at. , Was ridiculed. But a man held her in his palm, others humiliated her and returned it ten times, and others deceived her and returned a hundred times. One day, Yun thought about it and was shocked: “Can you walk?” The man looked innocent: “I never said that I can't walk.”
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The Rules Of Forbidden Love 3.38

The Rules Of Forbidden Love

Chapter 350

846.3K Sep 26,2023 - 14:40 PM Man Kai Animation

In order to complete the work task of the marriage agency, Shen Yi Yi was forced to put her own information into the client's information. She didn't expect to be picked up by the president of a wealthy family. After the excitement, she knew that the other party was putting on a show for her parents, and he picked Shen Yi Yi's information by coincidence. For the sake of the Grandpa of the wealthy family,Shen Yi Yi did not mind marrying the president. As a result, this entry into the wealthy family became a fake relationship to a real relationship .(Update every Monday and Tuesday 2 chapters each)
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My Cells Kingdom 4.62

My Cells Kingdom

Chapter 8

1M Sep 26,2022 - 03:11 AM

My Cells Kingdom manhua, My Miniature Kingdom, My cell kingdom of God, , , My cell kingdom, My Pocket KingdomAt the beginning of Lin Fan's life, a sand world appeared, in which the biological cells unearthed from each sand tribe multiplied. He knew, That it would change the world
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Ten Thousand Paths To Becoming A God 4.6

Ten Thousand Paths To Becoming A God

Chapter 36

6M Sep 26,2022 - 02:25 AM Chudao Manhua

Nine regions fight for control of the world, and one shot determines everything! A young villager with a desire to get stronger starts on the slow path of cultivation. A life changing mystery! A competition between nine regions! The winner becomes king! What is in store for him?
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See You Next Dimension 3.54

See You Next Dimension

Chapter 10

76.5K Sep 26,2020 - 18:41 PM Lai Ge

See You Next Dimension summary is updating. Come visit sometime to read the latest chapter of See You Next Dimension. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.
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Daisaiyuuki Bokuhi Seiden - The Story Of A Very Handsome Man 4.51

Daisaiyuuki Bokuhi Seiden - The Story Of A Very Handsome Man

Chapter 30: Darknight Forest

561.4K Sep 26,2018 - 23:25 PM Bokuhi

Based on Journey to the West (Wiki and you'll know about the journeyyyy)
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