I Decided To Offer Myself To Motivate Senpai 3.53

I Decided To Offer Myself To Motivate Senpai


2M Sep 30,2022 - 00:07 AM 橘姬社, 吉太

Jiaxia is a new editor for the comic company BliBli. Ever since high school she has admired comic artist Taiji-sensei, who inspired her to pursue a career in the 2D world. Although Taiji-sensei has a bad reputation in the publishing world for being lazy and troublesome, Jiaxia is determined to be her new editor. But will she be able to get Taiji-sensei to finally get motivated to draw a new comic?
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Season Of Roll 4.0

Season Of Roll

Chapter 41

115.5K Sep 30,2021 - 18:16 PM Flip Anime

The dream is to be an Anjuan of a cartoonist, and this year I got my wish to apply for the studio of the cartoonist teacher I admire most. But no one expected that the teacher was actually a black fan who had just forged a beam with him two days ago? In front of the dream, Yuanjia has a narrow road. What kind of sparks will the lively and honest assistant and the cold cartoonist meet?
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Tora Ni Tsubasa 4.48

Tora Ni Tsubasa

Chapter 10 [End]

226.2K Sep 30,2019 - 00:46 AM Moroyan

Tora ni Tsubasa summary is updating. Come visit sometime to read the latest chapter of Tora ni Tsubasa. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.
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Onnanoko No Sekkeizu 4.85

Onnanoko No Sekkeizu

Chapter 4: Shounen

148.4K Sep 29,2018 - 11:32 AM Konno Kita

• Shounen • Wicca
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Rg Veda 4.38

Rg Veda

Vol.10 Chapter 10.1

362.4K Sep 27,2018 - 12:29 PM Ohkawa Ageha, Clamp

300 years ago, a powerful warlord rebelled against the Heavenly Emperor. After killing the Emperor, the warlord crowned himself as the new Emperor, starting a cruel reign. But there is a prophecy: Six Stars will one day assemble and overthrow his tyrannical rule ...Now, the ruler of the Yasha Clan has found Ashura, the last of the Ashura Clan, and together they set out to find the Six Stars and fulfill the prophecy.
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Moon And No Make-Up 4.49

Moon And No Make-Up

Chapter 28

816.3K Sep 26,2020 - 22:05 PM Yuu Akegata

A sweet and juicy love honey that a bumpy yuri couple unfolds in a corner of the city.
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Between Philia And Eros 4.81

Between Philia And Eros

Chapter 15

528.3K Sep 26,2020 - 21:04 PM Kida Miyuki

It's a cute story about girls love..
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Re-Blooming 4.55


Chapter 47

310.3K Sep 24,2022 - 12:45 PM Meogmul, Letink

Dinner with friends takes a turn when Yeonji's coldhearted college ex shows up. After all those years, Ava wants to try again and to date like they used to. Should Yeonji give it a second chance, when all Ava did was leave her broken and humiliated? And why is Ava reaching out now, just as their old college friend, Mojoo, has returned from abroad? The timing's peculiar, but something's different about Ava. Will the two rekindle a broken love? Or will dark secrets of the past stand in their way?
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Kami Eshi Jk To Ol Fujoshi 4.39

Kami Eshi Jk To Ol Fujoshi

Vol.5 Chapter 27.5: Volume 5 Exclusive Short Story

2M Sep 21,2022 - 13:09 PM Sato

She's beautiful but she doesn't have a lover. Aizawa is a total loser fujoshi OL (Office Lady) One day the artist she worshipped as a god, Misumi— announced she was going to a doujinshi event, so she headed to the venue. But sitting in the artist's booth was a cute high-school girl!
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The Two Sides Of Seiyuu Radio 4.46

The Two Sides Of Seiyuu Radio

Chapter 18

903.5K Sep 20,2023 - 19:40 PM Nigatsu Kou, Makihon Umemi

Yugure Yuhi and Utatane Yasumi, two high schooler voice actresses who just happened to attend the same school and coincidentally got placed into the same class, are the two hosts of a radio weekly program. As fellow classmates and voice actresses, they show all the listeners their great friendship! At least, on the surface. In reality, the quiet girl Chika and the gyaru Yumiko are complete opposites. And they absolutely cannot stand each other. Off air, chaos and insults erupt. On air, they're the best of friends. Just where will this tumultuous relationship lead them?
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Shouraiteki Ni Shinde Kure 4.01

Shouraiteki Ni Shinde Kure

Chapter 28: One Step Ahead Of Me

1.7M Sep 18,2023 - 11:38 AM Togato Chihiro

A girl tries to "buy" her female classmate with money.
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Dream City 3.26

Dream City

Chapter 21: Welcome Home

313.6K Sep 18,2020 - 01:00 AM 火家贰柒

Dream City summary is updating. Come visit sometime to read the latest chapter of Dream City. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.
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Cocytus 4.46


Chapter 5 : Moratorium: Itsuki Aside

177.4K Sep 18,2016 - 18:57 PM Kodama Naoko

Cocytus summary is updating. Come visit sometime to read the latest chapter of Cocytus. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.
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Moshi, Koi Ga Mieta Nara 2.6

Moshi, Koi Ga Mieta Nara

Vol.2 Extra

1.4M Sep 17,2022 - 04:26 AM Mikami Teren

"This actor and this idol will get married."From the long time ago, I've been surprised every time I hit that line, so I've stopped saying it recently.  The school life of Mei Haruno, a girl who knows whom the one other people like, begins (Taken from the official synopsis).Indonesian:"Aktor dan idola ini akan menikah."Sedari dulu, aku dikejutkan setiap kali aku mengucapkan kata-kata itu. Kehidupan sekolah dari Mei Haruno, gadis yang mengetahui siapa yang disukai oleh orang lain pun, dimulai (Diambil dari sinopsis resmi).
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She’S A Keeper 3.51

She’S A Keeper

Extra. : Nsfw

662.5K Sep 15,2023 - 18:16 PM Darunni, Zoey Medic

The rate of kidnapping in Phili has been going crazy. Clara del Samson happens to be a daughter of a multi-millionaire businessman. Meanwhile, the Keeper Corp is best known for their “Keepers” who are experts at protecting elites; one of them is Keeper Elle- who was hired to protect Clara.
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Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy 4.29

Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy

Chapter 30

262.5K Sep 14,2023 - 10:22 AM Myoong

"This isn't the life that I wanted."On the day of her wedding, Eunha, who has hidden the fact that she's a lesbian her entire life, decides to jump off a building and end her life, not wanting to devote her life to a person she can't love. Just as she leaps, she closes her eyes and wistfully reminiscences her first love whom she never told her feelings for... only to find herself 10 years back in high school when she opens her eyes. As she is reunited with her first love, will Eunha be able to turn back her ill-fated life? (From From Zero Scanlations)
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