Rebirth Of The Immortal Venerable 3.83

Rebirth Of The Immortal Venerable

Chapter 209

9M Jul 10,2023 - 23:12 PM Daxiedao Anime

Rebirth of the Immortal Venerable summary is updating. Come visit sometime to read the latest chapter of Rebirth of the Immortal Venerable. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.
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Yowaki Max Reijou Nanoni, Ratsuwan Konyakusha-Sama No Kake Ni Notte Shimatta 4.77

Yowaki Max Reijou Nanoni, Ratsuwan Konyakusha-Sama No Kake Ni Notte Shimatta

Chapter 22

9M Mar 11,2024 - 13:15 PM Oda Hiro

Reincarnated as a mob villainess! But isn’t there something off about this situation?!I was reincarnated into an otome game as a count’s villainous daughter, Pia. But fearing my fate of banishment from the kingdom, I became extremely timid. After the annulment of my engagement and becoming a curator, the Prime Minister’s son steps forth and I’m thrown into an unexpected plot twist…?!
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Target 1 Billion Points! Open The Ultimate Game Of Second Life! 3.89

Target 1 Billion Points! Open The Ultimate Game Of Second Life!

Chapter 74

9M Aug 21,2022 - 20:55 PM 炽翊漫画

Xie Yu kept himself closed because of the death of his friend, immersed in the game world, until one day a mobile game called the ultimate game appeared on his mobile phone, when he learned that the game can achieve all the wishes, even the dead Can be resurrected, with 100 million points as the goal, and the second life of the dead house begins!
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Lan Ke Qi Yuan 4.66

Lan Ke Qi Yuan

Chapter 203

9M Apr 18,2023 - 21:56 PM 阅文漫画

Lan Ke Qi Yuan is a Manga/Manhwa/Manhua in (English/Raw) language, Action series is written by Updating This Comic is About "Leaves fell on the chess game by the side of Rotten Ke, and the old trees played against each other due to the uninteresting son of Tian Yuan, and then looked back on the vast mountains and seas When he woke up, Ji Yuan became a half-blind beggar in a dilapidated mountain temple. The sword, the sacred stick and one mouth are the foundation for Ji Yuan to settle down in this terrible world."
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Ore Wa Subete Wo “Parry” Suru 4.71

Ore Wa Subete Wo “Parry” Suru

Chapter 17.2

9M Jun 13,2024 - 08:00 AM Nabeshiki, Krsg

This is the tale of a man who had mastered how to “parry.”“I have no talent at all…”At the age of 12, a young boy named Noru had decided to train himself in the mountains after being rejected by the capital’s official training centers for being “talentless.” He believed that, with enough hard work and effort, he could one day become like the protagonists that populate his childhood stories. Full of determination, he would practice every day with his makeshift wooden sword, endlessly repeating the only sword technique he knew—“parry.” The hours turned into days, the days turned into months, and the months turned into years. Eventually, he had trained this one skill to such an extreme that he could snap a thousand branches with it. However, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get the desired result, he couldn’t learn any new skills required to become a real adventurer. It may be time to let go of his dream. But he couldn’t. Not just yet. Knowing this, he returned to the capital again.This was a man of endless dedication, a man who used that dedication to become one of the strongest in the world. The only problem is, he didn’t know it yet.
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I Am Worried That My Childhood Friend Is Too Cute! 4.23

I Am Worried That My Childhood Friend Is Too Cute!

Vol.7 Chapter 39

9M Jun 15,2024 - 07:23 AM Atar, Aki Ota

Amano, who returned to the city where he lived as a child for the first time in 10 years, meet Yukio Sawatari, a childhood friend on the first day of transfer, when he (a male friend) turned female! Although she shares her joy, as she suddenly turns into a girl and cannot hide her embarrassment. Yukio was affected by an illness like 100,000 other people, suddenly becoming a girl so-called " spontaneous isomerism metamorphosis ''!The female childhood friend ♂ is cute and in trouble!? Forbidden TSF (transsexual) Love!
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Blind Play 4.48

Blind Play

Chapter 92

9M Jan 28,2024 - 02:07 AM Yd / Like

If life's a game, then Ah-in's always been a loser. Growing up in an orphanage left him poor and emotionally scarred, but now he's determined to bypass the rat race and get rich quick. In his job as a gay masseur, Ah-in has a unique selling point: he pretends to be blind, offering his wealthy, powerful clients total confidentiality. One such client is Seo Ilmo, a mystery novelist with a spotless reputation and a dangerous compulsion. And when Ah-in pays a visit to Mr. Seo's apartment for an appointment, a fatal game of cat and mouse begins. This time, however, Ah-in cannot afford to be the loser…Editor's Comment : This comic contains scenes of graphic sexual violence that some readers may find uncomfortable.Notices:this will be a collab between nanami and delicee! please do support the author on lezhin
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Blades Of The Guardians 4.66

Blades Of The Guardians

Chapter 115

9M Jun 10,2024 - 14:18 PM Xu Xian Zhe

‘Escort’, refers to paid warriors, their targets of protection, are also referred to targets that are wanted by the government. On the eve of civil chaos during the last years of Sui dynasty, with the rise of a reign of terror around the country, various peoples’ feelings of grudge and animosity develop…
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Boku Girl 4.77

Boku Girl

Chapter 107.5 : Bonus: My Lunch-Box

9M Dec 13,2019 - 18:26 PM Sugito Akira

Mizuki gets confessed to by a boy in front of a special Mirror. Legend has it, that if you confess to someone you like in front of that mirror your wish comes true! There is a slight Problem in this Equation: Mizuki is just a very feminine looking boy. Also it seems that he caught the Attention of the Norse Trickster God Loki while glancing into the Mirror. Loki decides out of boredom to mess with Mizuki and turns him into a real Girl. Hijinks ensue...
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Sankarea 4.75


Vol.11 Chapter 56.5: Extra: Sankarea If

9M Apr 14,2019 - 18:25 PM Hattori Mitsuru

Chihiro Furuya is a male high-school student having a keen fascination with zombies, collection zombie-associated videogames, movie and manga, and even to the idea of wanting to "kiss a zombie girl". After the departure of his pet cat, Babu, he tries to resurrect an old manuscript, which describes the procedure for making a potion for resurrection being used by it. Only at that time, he sees a girl named Rea Sanka, who has runaway at home. In a effort to commit suicide, she drinks an example of the "resurrection" potion that is made in the toxic Hydrangea macrophylla bloom, even though this fails to eliminate her. Following a disagreement with her dad, she dies and falls from a cliff by accident. Nevertheless, as an effect of the potion, she becomes. The storyline follows the existence of Chihiro and his new 'zombie girl-friend'.
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Even If It Was Just Once, I Regret It 4.72

Even If It Was Just Once, I Regret It


9M Nov 08,2022 - 19:11 PM Miyahara Miyako

One day, a jobless Koduka Chiyo is wallowing in self-pity and trying to escape from reality when her landlord bangs on her door — she's three months behind on rent.Her landlord's solution?"Please have sex with me."Thus the two begin living together — a romance comedy that seemingly starts with sex.
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Once More 4.75

Once More

Chapter 157

9M Dec 08,2023 - 23:30 PM Han Xu

In senior high, they missed each other because of a misunderstanding. After graduating, they return to their alma mater as teachers, but — seven years have passed, and Yang Mu Li (two-faced match teacher) doesn't seem to recognize Xuan An (cold PE teacher)?!Though many things have remained the same, the people themselves have changed. Can the feelings that once died come back once more? Meanwhile, the secrets from their senior year of high is slowly revealing itself...
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The Frontier Alchemist 4.74

The Frontier Alchemist

Vol.5 Chapter 27.2

9M Jun 02,2024 - 19:19 PM Oteteponta

Rust worked in the alchemist association. He specialized in basic research, but the current president, a former government official, failed to understand the importance of the basic research department and slashed its budget. To make matters worse, he was made to transmute basic materials for alchemists of other departments.But one day, his budget for the next term was reduced to zero, and the president announced the basic research department was disbanded.The same day, a friend from his academy days invited him to help develop her new dominion in the borderland, and Rust, seeing no future for himself in the association, decided to quit.Rust was actually one of the greatest alchemists on the planet. The basic materials he transmuted were of the highest quality, and could not be acquired anywhere else. These high quality materials covered a lot of gaps in the association, and Rust’s departure made a big mess.Feeling liberated after leaving the association, Rust worked in the borderland with a newfound enthusiasm and vigor.
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Banana Scandal 3.65

Banana Scandal

Chapter 163

9M May 01,2023 - 23:15 PM Dolsha

A university located in a city in the United States. Taehwan and Dojin are friends and housemates. When Taehwan's away to be an exchange student, Taehwan's younger brother, Taehee enters the house and Dojin will be his new housemate. Unlike his height and pretty appearance, Taehee is a hikikomori type otaku, but somehow he seems like he's only being nice to Dojin. On the night of celebrating Taehee's arrival, Dojin wakes up with an unidentified sound, and soon afterwards realizes that the source of this sound is Taehee's groan of masturbating...?!
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Nihonkoku Shoukan 4.75

Nihonkoku Shoukan

Chapter 42

9M May 11,2024 - 11:16 AM Takano Chiharu, Minorou

In the Great Orient, lies the continent called Rodenius.One day, an unidentified flying object arrived at Qua-Toyne Principality’s airspace. The unidentified flying object defied the Principality’s common sense. But that unidentified flying object was just a harbinger of something even more shocking.Far to the eastern sea, a group of islands suddenly appeared. The country of the islands called itself: Japan. According to them, their nation had been transported to another world.Now finding themselves separated from their old world and must survive in the new one, how will Japan interact with the native countries of this world? Will they greet her as a friend or as an enemy?This is a story of the country called Japan as it was engulfed in the chaotic storm of the world.Basically, the Japanese version of Island in the Sea of Time. For clarity: The summoned area of Japan are the four disputed Kuril Islands, Japan Home Islands, and Ryuku Islands.
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Chihayafuru 4.14


Chapter 247.5: Hana No Iro Wa - Chihayafuru Extra

9M Dec 25,2023 - 03:15 AM Suetsugu Yuki

All her life, Chihaya's dream was to see her model sister become Japan's best... That is, until a quiet, unassuming transfer student named Arata tells her otherwise. A dream, he explains to her, is something she needs to work at herself. Arata plays a competitive version of a traditional Japanese card game, known as Hyakunin Isshu, in a way Chihaya has never seen before. After taking Arata's place in a game, Chihaya discovers she has a passion for it. Now Chihaya wants to become number one in the world, the Queen of Karuta. Note: Won the 2nd Manga Taisho Award and the 35th annual Kodansha Manga Award for Best Shoujo. Was nominated for the 20th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize in 2016.
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